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My Exciting High School Journey

Developing Driven Students who Command their Future.

Our Services

My Exciting High School Journey exists to support parents and advise ambitious high school students on strategies to personalize their learning. They will experience calmness and confidence while preparing for post high school endeavors, tailored for them. The passionate and experienced advisor gives expert strategies which will relieve parental worry and student stress.

Our goal is to excite students throughout their high school journey by reflecting on their self, discovering their passion, making connections to their learning and thinking forward to the next step beyond high school graduation. Students with perspective, passion and clear preferences will prepare for college, military, or vocational institutions that align with their unique skill sets. They will experience a more peaceful transition out of high school and save time and money because their vision moving forward is clear.

My Exciting High School Journey provides group and one-on-one advice with different levels of assistance. Building best-fit college lists, national exam preparation and resume development are just part of what we do. We help take the fear and stress out of the high school journey and direct students toward a bright future.


The Initial Student Assessment is for motivated students and parents who want an expert academic advisor to assess and structure their 4-year academic plan.

Students and parents will:

meet with an expert academic advisor to discover what potential the students have in achieving their education, college, military, and lifestyle goals. (Rising-Freshmen, Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors)
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How to Navigate High School

For 8-10th grade students ready to organize their high school experience tailored to their preferences, and future college and career endeavors.

8-10th Graders will:

discover their highest potential in high school by organizing their personal preferences, hobbies, and personalized education to attain lucrative college and career goals. (Rising-Freshmen, Freshmen, Sophomores)
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College and Community College Advising

For 10-12th grade students interested in local and out-of-state Colleges or Community Colleges.

Students will:

Review maximized options to identify their best-fit colleges and increase their opportunities to get in. (Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors) 
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Selective College Advising

For highly driven students looking to apply for full-ride scholarships to highly competitive and Ivy League colleges and universities.

Driven Students will:

Demonstrate outstanding achievements, develop a sense of purpose, showcase a giving-spirit and leadership, while creating compelling applications for selective colleges. (Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors)
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Kathryn Sosa sitting at her desk

Welcome to your best school year yet!

You are driven, you want the most out of your high school experience and you know that your academics are the foundation for all future endeavors. The best part is that you are willing to take steps to set goals and seek out opportunities for success.

I want the same things for you!

So, let’s get together and truly personalize your learning, discover your passions, infuse your preferences into your high school experiences and create an impressive application package worthy of your best-fit college or post high school endeavors.

I can help you, with less stress and more excitement!                               

For fifteen years, I have provided academic advice to students and families in the Rapid City Area School District, my family, and friends along the East Coast, from New York to Florida. My military family experience, church affiliations and work in the New York City, Derby, Kansas, and Rapid City educational systems have provided me with valuable and diverse cultural experiences. I have advised students with various academic abilities, including ones who only sought academic and personal encouragement and others who were driven, and matriculated to Ivy League, highly selective and local colleges; a few students even attended the Naval Academy. My students have earned awe-inspiring high school, local area, and national level recognition.

Having a Gifted Education endorsement afforded me the opportunity to guide, challenge, and learn from our most intellectual and intuitive students, grades K-12. Being named the 2001 Rapid City Area Schools Teacher of the Year offered opportunities to collaborate with educators, local leaders, and education directors across South Dakota. The recognition I value most, was being selected by honor students as A Most Influential Person in their life, and attending, with them and family members, the school district Evening of Excellence which celebrated student success and their guest educators.

Exciting High School Journey is born —-

My strategies for Exciting High School Journey began by meeting students’ needs to satisfy their curiosity, unique academic desires, and exposure to experiences outside of their high school. The strategies were honed while advising my daughter, Michelle Sosa, during her high school years and applying to her best-fit college, Rollins College, Florida. Her athletic prowess led to joining the rowing crew and eventually rowing for Michigan State University, a Division1 rowing team and majoring in Kinesiology. Michelle became a personal trainer in New York City and was introduced to many clients stressed out by their children’s high school and college search experiences. She strongly encouraged me to begin advising these highly concerned parents; she knew I had strategies that would relieve their stress and provide smooth transitions for their children. We eventually started our business and created My Exciting High School Journey, a website delivering my one-of-a-kind academic advising system.

Our goal is to alleviate the pressures of high school and to cultivate the passions and preferences of students, guiding them to their own unique personal greatness.

-- Kathryn Sosa