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The Exciting High School Journey Story

Mother and Daughter Duo Changing The Way Parents and Students Get Educational Advice

Kathryn and Michelle Sosa help middle and high school students overcome peer pressure, personalize their education and conquer the challenging college and career selection process. 

We believe students should be excited throughout their high school journey. They should reflect on themself, discover their passion, make connections to their learning and think forward to the next step beyond high school graduation. Students with perspective, passion and clear preferences will tend to apply to right-fit colleges or training institutions. They will experience a relaxing college application process and save time and money through their college experience.

Sosa Family Photo
Kathryn and Michelle Sosa

Kathryn Sosa

Kathryn is passionate about guiding students through their exciting high school journey. She focuses on students individually, when addressing their passions and goals. She begins where students are and motivates them to demonstrate their best efforts and have the most engaging high school experience possible. She works with the students, families and school administrators to provide necessary and unique experiences for each student.

Kathryn works with students as early as grade 6, but emphasizes the high school experience with grades 8 through 12 and beyond high school. There is a different focus for each grade: organization, reflection, dedication and application. Students mature and grow into their personalities and characteristics. They culminate their high school years with a personal brand that can be presented to right-fit colleges and for appropriate scholarships. Students and parents communicate as teammates throughout this process to solve problems and make decisions.

The goal is to allow students to practice taking responsibility for their education and actions, so that they will be better prepared to manage their lives and responsibilities when moving away from the comforts and familiarity of family, friends, and community. The students grow into responsible young adults, endeavoring to connect with like-minded peers on a specific college campus.

Kathryn has provided academic advice for the past 15 years, servicing students from families in the Rapid City Area School District and personal family and friends along the East Coast, from New York to Florida. Due to her family’s sixteen year military experiences, diverse church affiliations, and educational experiences in New York City, Derby, Kansas and Rapid City, South Dakota, Kathryn has valuable diverse cultural experiences.

She advises students who have matriculated into Ivy League, highly selective and local colleges. Her students have become Rogue Scholars and have begun professional careers as doctors, lawyers, engineers and teachers, to name a few. It was exciting for Kathryn to assist students who entered advanced education boarding schools and the Naval Academy. Kathryn gives personal attention to the students and families while
focusing on the perspective, passion and preferences of the students. She guides them through unique school and community opportunities. Most importantly, she encourages them to develop a giving-spirit by dedicating time and effort toward improving their local surroundings.

Kathryn has open communication with families, answering questions and researching any pioneering experience. She has a wealth of knowledge, expertise and dedication to each student and family, which helps to keep students and parents confident and hopeful during the college application process. Kathryn helps families to reduce their stress levels and discover ways to manage the financial burden of college by selecting
right-fit colleges. Kathryn communicates with the college admissions officers and remains current with college admissions, scholarships and summer opportunity trends.

Finally, Kathryn loves her engagement with families and students and celebrates each student’s success.

Michelle Sosa

Michelle has always looked up to and appreciated her mother’s work both professionally and at home. With the guidance of her mother Michelle went on to become a personal trainer in New York City and an aspiring National Rowing Team hopeful before starting My Exciting High School Journey with her mother. 

Throughout her career as a personal trainer Michelle consistently heard from her clients that the stress of selecting a college with their son or daughter was affecting their health. That is when she had the realization that she needed to do something. 

Michelle decided that she needed to bring her mother’s knowledge and experience to others, so she created the My Exciting High School Journey website to deliver Kathryn’s one-of-a-kind academic advising system. 

Michelle Sosa